Reforming Church Communication Through Digital Ministry


What if there was a better way to communicate with your congregation? Instead of a monthly newsletter, or conversations confined to the four walls of the church, members would have real-time access to the ministry. That's the goal of Faith Growth -- to empower daily interaction within the ministry.


Communication-Centric Church

By equipping the ministry to communicate and connect directly and frequently, the church is aware of the needs in the congregation at all times. Staff then is better equipped to provide pastoral care. This constant communication also ensures members feel connected to the church while reminding them of the community to which they belong.


At Faith Growth, we work with you to create a communication-centric church, which ultimately enables digital ministry. Typically this involves a custom church website that becomes your primary means of communicating with your parishioners.


Save Time & Money

You'll find this real-time approach actually streamlines a number of communication processes currently in place, ultimately saving the church time and money. Instead of connections being limited to Sundays or a monthly newsletter, congregates have instant access to new events and schedule changes. By empowering members to easily read pastoral letters, find devotionals, and revisit previous sermons, you'll find the dialogue extends beyond the building and continues to happen throughout the week.


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