Street Corner Preacher, Circa 2012

Do you have a grand vision for digital ministry? This post is probably not for you. Do you seek a splashy color-coded spread analyzing the latest gadgets for your digital empire? This post is probably not for you. If you have a pragmatic approach to connecting with congregation and community, enjoy using different tools, and need to review your approach or begin podcasting sermons or other audio ministry productions, read on. … [Read more...]

Considering Barriers to Social Media Ministry

“What do I do if people in my congregation don't use social media? I get tired of the resistance to new things in the church.” This is a common question for congregations struggling to gain traction in social media ministry. Roadblocks to social media ministry can come from many different angles: A pastor and/or staff who feels like they don't have enough time to add social media to their already full plate. A volunteer who sees a lack of support from a leadership board or staff in using … [Read more...]