Facebook Got Me a Job

  I am sure you have heard stories of individuals losing their jobs because of things they have posted on social media sites like Facebook. This happened to one of my very good friends. Some people fear social networking sites because they have heard stories such as these. I think this is misplaced fear by many. It is a fear of the unknown or the unexplored. As a society we have long established communication norms. Norms for what is confidential, what is over sharing, and even norms … [Read more...]

Communication in the Church of the Future

  Social Media is all the buzz these days. For those in the church this new technology leaves us wondering how to use this tool as a means to support our ministries. There are questions of mastering the technology, engaging the conversation, social evangelism, social media polices, Facebook group vs. a Facebook Page, and the like. The cultural shift occurring in society is greater than social media alone.  Social Media is just one of the first manifestations of this shift. A Shift in … [Read more...]

What I am Reading: Social Media Resources for Ministry

  Our main goal at Faith Growth is to assist faith communities in developing the required digital media foundation to support their ministry. Social media is a key component of this foundation. We refer to using social media tools as doing ministry “Beyond the Building.” I have come across some information this week that is of interest, and I want to pass it along to you. These resources provide helpful suggestions for organizations regarding social media.  They are targeted to the … [Read more...]