We saw, all last week, many remembrances of ourselves one year ago, when the COVID-19 pandemic first took over our lives in a real way in most of the United States. We all vividly recall when our churches, schools and workplaces made statements to the effect that things were ‘shutting down for a few weeks,’ and here we are, a year later, many of us still not having set foot in our church, school or workplace since then.

Our world has evolved. Some of it may be temporary, and we can see that today, as things begin to open again and operate as they once did. But we can also see that some things have changed forever. The church is one of those things. And digital ministry is playing a big part.

I share three predictions for the church in this (less than 5-minute long) Facebook live video. In it, please see:

  1. How the church will operate in the future
  2. What thriving churches will focus on
  3. How some churches will become completely different in the near future

I’d love if you would watch the video and comment – how do you think my predictions will hold up?

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