Digital Natives

Yesterday, I spoke to the Parents of Teens class at Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Dallas, TX. My topic was Digital Natives: Raising the Facebook Generation.  The focus of my talk was on the current context in which we find ourselves sharing the faith with younger generations. My … Read more about Digital Natives

You are His Praise!

Sing with your voices, Sing with your hearts, Sing with your lips, Sing with your lives. “Sing to the Lord a new song.” Do you ask what you should sing about the one whom you love? Of course you want to sing about the one you love. Do you ask what you should sing in praise of him? Listen: “His … Read more about You are His Praise!

Facebook – Yes!!

This response was written to a blog post on the ELCA women site. Original post Don't Find Me Facebook by Emily Hansen on Jan 7th 2010: I must respectfully disagree – what you describe is not the experience that I have had since I joined fb on my b-day this past year. I try to challenge myself … Read more about Facebook – Yes!!

Social Media Pastor

I have been amazed at the way Christian community expands and develops through the use of social media, i.e. facebook, tweeter, ... Here is an interesting article on the subject: Does your Church have a Social Media Pastor? … Read more about Social Media Pastor