My Digital Journey, Part 1

June 21, 2012 By: In: Community, Digital Ministry

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My Digital Journey

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43:19

Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a series of two. Part 2 is here. Also, this post was updated at 4:45pm 6/21/12.

The Journey Begins

I like my ruts. I am very curious by nature.

In order to balance this paradox in my nature, on each birthday I look for a new challenge to embrace in the coming year. So on April 27, 2009, I joined Facebook and then Twitter five months later.  My son Christopher helped me get started with a brief tutorial and two pieces of advice: (more…)

Three Attitudes That Are Corrupting Your Twitter Feed (and Your Soul)

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David Hansen (@Rev_David) wrote such a great post about Three Things That Are Killing Your Twitter Feed, I felt it needed some follow-up.

When destructive and unproductive behaviors emerge, our interior lives may need an alchemical shake-up so attitudes spawned such bad behavior can be transmuted into spiritual gold. “Holiness of heart and life,” for all you sanctification nuts out there.

So which kinds of attitudes manifest our lack of virtue formation in social media? I’m going to suggest these three as a starting point for conversation: (more…)

Tri-Synodical Tweetup

Tri-Synodical Theological Conference Wrap-Up

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I have enjoyed my time in Waco.

I always enjoy catching up with colleagues and and learning about their ministries.

The conference also severed as an important networking event for the ministry of Faith Growth. It was a time to inform everyone of the great websites and social media consulting that I offer.

Monday night’s tweet-up was a blast and I am thankful to everyone who attended. Below is a picture from the tweetup and pictures of the drawing winners. (more…)


Tri-Synodical Tweetup – #3synod12

January 18, 2012 By: In: Community, Faith Growth

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UPDATE: I now know my room number. The tweetup is in Marriott Courtyard Suite 226.


Next week I will travel to Waco, TX to attend the Tri-Synodical Theological Leadership Conference of the ELCA churches in Texas and Louisiana.

I am looking forward to catching up with my Lutheran colleagues from around the state. One of the speakers, Roger Paynter, is my former Spiritual Director. So I am particularly excited to see him and hear him speak.

I was able to secure a sweet suite for the conference, and I would like to host a tweetup during the conference. (Bad pun intended ;-)).

So come one, come all..

Monday, January 23, 2012

7:30pm – 10:30pm (Come and Go)

My suite at the Marriott Courtyard (across the street from the Waco Convention Center)

Refreshments Provided

At this time I do not know my room number, but I’ll get that info out as soon as I know. Be sure to follow me on twitter.


Communication in the Church of the Future

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Social Media is all the buzz these days. For those in the church this new technology leaves us wondering how to use this tool as a means to support our ministries.

There are questions of mastering the technology, engaging the conversation, social evangelism, social media polices, Facebook group vs. a Facebook Page, and the like.

The cultural shift occurring in society is greater than social media alone.  Social Media is just one of the first manifestations of this shift.

A Shift in Communication

We are in the beginnings of a communication transition. Only the second such transition in the history of humanity.

The first was post Gutenberg when society transitioned from the Oral tradition to that of print.

This communication transition precipitated a cultural revolution and ushered in Modernity.  All of modernity was built on the written word. Information was controlled by the select few with the funds to produce and publish content.

It was a communications model of one to many – pulpits, stadiums, books, TV, and Movies all existed within this model.

Many to Many

The popularity of Social Media is in part because it shifts the one to many model on its head. Social Media allows for communication of Many to Many.  This communication occurs with out the gatekeepers of publishing houses, TV networks or big Movie studios.

Anyone can sign-up for a social networking site and instantaneously have a platform in which to communicate with Many.  Geography is no longer a barrier to communication These social networks bring individuals together without regard to national boarders, and with programs such as Google Translate language in no longer barrier to communication!

Many to Many communication allows everyone to be creators and publishers of content.

What Does All This Mean for the Church?

I don’t know exactly. We are just at the very early stages of this transition and technology continues to evolve at ever increasing pace.

I do believe that social media is just the catalyst for this transition and those of us in the church would be wise to be thinking beyond the tools of Social Media and the implications they have on social communication.

Consider this… The high school Class of 2011 was the last class to graduate that was born before the mass spread of the internet. In the last eighteen years we have become a digitally connected society.

All future generations will only become more digital. Many schools are already replacing printed text books with digital readers.  In a few short year this will be the norm for all students.

Soon your pocket book will be replaced with your smart phone. The need to carry cash or credit cards will be replaced by waving you phone by a terminal at a cash register.

Researchers have already developed LED contacts that enable you to place a screen directly on your eye.

So I say again social media is only the beginning of this digital transition in communication, and will have lasting impact on how all future generation communicate the Gospel.

As the church we not only need to be mastering the tools of social media to connect with and communicate with society, we also have to be studying how these transitions in communication will transform how we are community and how we exist as church.

I propose we will look extremely different as a body in just a short 20 years, but more on that in a future post.

Please share your thoughts on how shifting communication norms will change how we are church in the comments below.

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