My Digital Journey, Part 2 – Social Media Benefits

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My Digital Journey

Editor’s Note: This is part two of Sherri’s journey using social media. Read Part 1 here.

Social media has provided these key benefits over the last three years:


I’m a busy sales professional. My territory spreads across a large swath of the Southwest, including Texas. I spend an enormous amount of time in transit and when I get to my hotel in the evening, emails are waiting to be read and answered. Being able to check in with friends and family via social media provides a comforting buffer.  I look at pictures, read about everyone’s latest exploits, join Evening prayer with @Virtual_Abbey, or join in a Twitter conversation or two. (more…)

Relaunch Coming Monday, June 4th

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We have been working hard the last month to refocus this website as a place for great content to aid ministry in a digital world.

We have lined up a great group of writers and will be publishing fresh content to aid your ministry. (more…)

Tri-Synodical Tweetup

Tri-Synodical Theological Conference Wrap-Up

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I have enjoyed my time in Waco.

I always enjoy catching up with colleagues and and learning about their ministries.

The conference also severed as an important networking event for the ministry of Faith Growth. It was a time to inform everyone of the great websites and social media consulting that I offer.

Monday night’s tweet-up was a blast and I am thankful to everyone who attended. Below is a picture from the tweetup and pictures of the drawing winners. (more…)

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