Although not all posts and comments on your social media feeds are “treasures,” many of the not-so-positive posts can be used to improve your digital ministry. The positive comments, however, are complete gems and should be shared all over the place! Here’s a couple ideas on how you can turn your visitors’ social comments into content.

Many forms of communication from your community can be used to create content. You can use feedback for talking points in email newsletters, social polls, or even add to your Sunday sermons (depending on the topic.) Keep in mind, this means both the good and the not-so-good feedback. When people see you taking notice of both the good and the bad, they’ll appreciate having a voice in their church and the sense of community in your congregation will flourish. 

This week, let’s focus on some glowing gems. Remember our conversation last week about asking people what they’re thankful for? Let’s look at that feedback and pick out a few comments–the ones that give you the warm and fuzzies or at least crack a smile–to share in a newsletter to your email list. What better way to start someone’s day than by sharing reminders of things to be thankful for?

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