The online community is an ever-expanding space. That being said, your members and potential visitors have a plethora of options when looking for online ministry. However, we are a social bunch and therefore, most people will choose an online ministry close to their home in hopes of growing into an in-person relationship. Below, we’ve listed a handful of values people look for in hopes it will help your church rise to the tops of your local ranks. 

  1. Shared beliefs and purpose
    First and foremost, people want to find a community that shares their same beliefs and sense of purpose. Be sure your website and your online profiles are true to your church and your purpose and fellow worshippers will find you. 
  2. Relationships
    As we mentioned, humans are a social species. We enjoy spaces that allow us to form friendships and social connections. You want to include your various ministries on your website so people can see the opportunities of like-minded social interactions. 
  3. Support and encouragement
    This should probably be listed as 2b, but hang with me a second. You’ve heard the phrase, “friends are the family you choose,” right? It’s one thing to meet people and swap pleasantries, but it’s another to find people who you trust enough to help guide you through tough times. Seeing your community as one they can lean on for guidance is a strong pull.
  4. A sense of appreciation
    Just as people want to find a church of value, they want to feel valued by their church. Things as simple as replying to comments, liking shared posts, or tagging members in posts of thanks go a long way in the digital realm. 
  5. Trusted connections
    This too can come from the relationships they build with other members; however, it’s important for the church (and those responsible for the church’s responses) to work on building those relationships and lines of communication. People want to know when they ask a question, something as simple as worship hours, or share a prayer request, that these questions and requests will be answered honestly, earnestly and without judgement. 

We hope these suggestions will help you build stronger, valued relationships as you work to grow your digital community. Please be sure to share your successes (and recommendations) in our Facebook group, Digitally Yours, as you find new ways to strengthen God’s community.

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