I wanted to take a little time today to remind everyone how important it is to have different types of media available on your website and in your social posts!* One of my pet peeves is when churches use their website like a digital Sunday bulletin board. While it’s important to have blog posts and updated textual content, adding images and videos will make your website stand out amidst your drab contenders. 

Be sure to include pictures throughout your web pages and blog posts to add another layer of depth to your posts. When recapping or endorsing an event, add an image from last year’s event or a behind-the-scenes picture of the planning and set-up. If you’re highlighting a particular ministry, be sure to add pictures of the people involved. Adding images of your members and building gives potential guests a sneak peek into your welcoming community. 

Video has become more and more popular these past six months. Many pastors are posting live or embedding their worship on Facebook or YouTube. Now that you’ve got the hang of it, why not use video to give members and visitors another way to connect with you and the church? Perhaps that’s recording yourself sharing a prayer for hope or strength in these challenging times. Even sharing something as silly as your dog snoring shows guests and members your humanity–which is a side they may not expect from a church leader.   

A couple last bits of advice are to use clear images, keep your non-worship videos short and sweet–between 2-3 minutes on Facebook and <10 minutes on YouTube, and be sure to embed the video to your website so they can play it without leaving your page.

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