Meta: Gaining podcast subscribers is a challenge. That said, it all starts with your website. Redesigning the website with marketing copy makes a big difference.

Gaining podcast subscribers is a challenge. That said, it all starts with your website. Redesigning the website with marketing copy makes a big difference. This is a case study from Robert Riggs of

Tell us a bit about you and your site.

The True Crime Reporter Podcast features real-life stories about the evil that walks amongst us. Evil comes calling when you least expect it — in the mall parking lot, picking up your kids, stopping for gas, leaving the grocery store, even in your home. 

A violent psychopath is always on the hunt for their prey. It may come as a surprise attack or you may be living with one who has cunning plans for your suffering and death. 

These True Crime Stories are ripped from the reporter’s notebook of Peabody Award-winning journalist Robert Riggs. Riggs has come face-to-face with evil. His investigative reports sent one of Texas’s most notorious serial killers to the Death Chamber and ensured that others like him would never get out of prison. 

This is a journey into the twisted minds who those who commit unthinkable acts of violence. 

Riggs is your guide into the killing zone. Along the way, you will learn how to avoid or escape a potential attacker and not become another crime victim. 

Don’t get scared now. Start listening. And by all means, stay safe.

What was your website like before you hired us?

  • The website was being used for another purpose. Since this is a new startup podcast, I needed to keep the expenses low. Thus, Faith Growth did a makeover to the existing site. 
  • Faith Growth also installed a podcast player from Blubrry and added links to podcast hosting channels to a horizontal bar on the front page. 
  • Faith Growth turned a mug shot of a notorious serial killer into a graphic for the hero image on the homepage.

How did you hear about our service?

I am a repeat customer who met Christopher many years ago at the Dallas-Fort Worth WordPress Meetup.

What were your technical goals?

  • Installation of the podcast player 
  • Adding a new hero image. 
  • Reformatting a horizontal bar on the home page to feature links to podcast hosting services. 
  • Changing the email subscription box to add more data and link it to ConvertKit 
  • Add additional pages for crime subjects.

What were the noticeable results in your outreach?

More than 2,000 people found the site and subscribed to my email list without me conducting any further marketing. They found the site through organic search.

What advice would you give other ministries about digital marketing?

Before you start designing a website or creating content, write a strategy. You must understand their wants, needs, and desires in order to produce the content that they want to read or watch. A website must be designed with an understanding of your customer’s journey. You are their guide on a journey as they navigate your website. 

“Faith Growth has built two websites for my personal businesses as well as numerous websites for my clients. Christopher Harris and his team clearly communicate with me during the design process. I know Christopher through his membership in the DFW WordPress Meetup Group. He is an acknowledged expert and easy to work with. When I need a website, Faith Growth is my go-to provider. “ Robert Riggs


Does your website need a makeover?

Design and copy matter when it comes to your website. Let us know what your specific needs are and we’ll redesign your site for results that matter to your and your business. 

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