“Effective communication is about releasing the right response, not about sending the right message!” ~Kem Meyer, Less Clutter, Less Noise: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures & Bake Sales

Web Development

We are a one-stop shop for all of your web-site needs. Whether it is a simple ‘refresh’ or a complete revamp – we have the experience and capability to handle the project. All of our websites are built using the WordPress platform. After doing the research, we have found that WordPress provides the best overall tools for design and maintainability of small to medium size websites. WordPress makes it easy to add the content to your site to keep the information up to date.

Because we build on WordPress, you can rest assured that as your congregational needs change and grow, your church’s web site can easily meet the new needs. Since WordPress is a standard web development platform, your site is not a one of a kind custom site – it grows and changes right along with your congregation.

The big differentiator you will find in working with Faith Growth is that while we have excellent technical abilities, we also have experience in serving on church staff or serving in church staff leadership positions. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by the church and how digital media can be used to support the mission of the church.


Web Hosting

Faith Growth also provides Managed WordPress hosting for your site. Our service is fast, secure, and hassle free!

Features of this service include:

  • Upgrades: We take care of all WordPress upgrades so you don’t have too
  • Updates: Your plug-ins are updated on a regular basis to ensure security and performance.
  • Backups: Full site and database backups are made every evening to protect your hard work
  • Security: We offer the highest levels of security to insure the safety of your data
  • Training Modules: Become a WordPress power user with our included video training modules.
  • FTP service and local POP3/IMAP Email service available or use Google Apps for free.
  • Flexible contract terms



Social Media

We work with organizations to develop and implement a Social Media strategy. We understand the tools and best practices. In this is a rapidly changing arena – it is important to work with a partner who is up to date on the tools are as well as their most effective use. In the church environment, it is important that this activity is accomplished in such a way to be in support of the local mission.

We can customize your Facebook pages, Twitter page, blogs, etc. to insure brand consistency across your digital presence. Our focus is on ease of use and ease of integration within the existing church communication framework.



We love working with folks to move forward in ministry!

Our value is not just in our areas of expertise, but in our proven process – Assess, Dream, Develop the plan taking into account the particular situation, goals and available resources, Implementation and Follow-up. A key part of the plan is the training to insure success. We are with you all the way!


We bring it all together. We speak ‘church’! We speak ‘geek’!