I’ve heard from a few pastors now that life has gotten a bit overwhelming. And I want to help. I can’t record their sermons for them, nor can I manage everyone’s websites and social pages. (Although I can teach you how to more effectively juggle your digital ministries; schedule a call with me today to learn more.) However, today let’s go over a couple quick tips to find extra time you didn’t know you had. 

1.    Move to micro [procrastination]. I personally love and hate procrastinating. I love that adrenaline rush I get when finishing a task in the nick of time. However, I hate the feeling of everything looming as I shove more and more tasks to a later time. This is what inspired me to start micro procrastinating. Instead of completely pushing off a task, I give myself brief procrastination breaks. These breaks are pre-planned and give me time to be frivolous, but also structure to circle back  

 2.    Uncrumple those notes! I’m sure your weekly sermons go through a few rounds of revisions to say the least. However, I bet you can find a couple gold nuggets in those first rounds of notes. It may be a comment or sentence that wasn’t enough to build a whole sermon on, but it’s probably worth sharing in a short blog post or quick Facebook live video.  

3.    Coffee and creativity. I find that I’m more creative in the morning–before the day’s events can alter my opinions. So while I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the mornings, I take this 30 minute ritual to plan my coaching outlines, our newsletter content, or Facebook live potential topics. I don’t always finish outlining even one of these items, but throughout the week, these daily 30 minutes add up and I find myself feeling accomplished and less stressed than if these tasks were bullet points on my calendar. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a 30 minute “coffee break.”

Another great way to accomplish more in those 30 minutes is to catch up on our digital ministry tips in our blog archive, here.

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