So, your church needs a new website. (We’ve all been there!) Sometimes we are financially prepared for this budget item and sometimes we’re not. If you’re in the latter situation, or you’re just unsatisfied with your current site and want to upgrade, what are some ways you can fund this project?

In my latest Facebook Live video, I go over three funding sources for websites or other technology projects, and one piece of advice for your future budgeting purposes. They are:

  1. Grants – Look to your adjudicatory organization. Often synods, churchwide denominations or related foundations offer grants for technology or projects involving making connections with new people. A current example of a grant that may be applicable for ELCA congregations is the Open Doors grant. The first deadline is coming up soon, so don’t hesitate! Additionally, check out opportunities through the Mustard Seed Foundation.
  1. Individual donors – Are there folks in your congregation who are passionate about evangelism and outreach? Or particularly interested – and willing to invest in – reaching young adults and youth? This may be a great ask for your congregation, and you may be surprised at who will step up.
  1. Your budget – If the church website and technology expenses are not a line item in the budget, it’s time to add one. Websites are ongoing, active tools that are not going away and will continually evolve. Support this with a dedicated line item. 

I’m happy to have a conversation with you about your new website needs – jump over to schedule a call with me today.

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