Many churches come to us because they need a new website, but often what they really need is a process to manage their digital presence.

Having been a youth minister and on church staff, I understand how frustrating it is to not have a good digital presence, which is why I created the Digital Ministry Coaching program to help churches develop a solid process to handle their digital presence and attract more members in 90-days or less without tech overwhelm.

Why we do what we do

Did you know the question, “how to pray” is searched on Google on average 18.1k a month? Or that one of the top 5 searches on Sunday morning is, “churches near me”?

Today a large number of people’s faith journeys will include an online component. Many people are turning to the internet for answers to their spiritual questions.

Watch the video below to learn the why digital ministry is so important to both myself and your church.

In this video you will learn:

  1. Why I do what I do
  2. The various stages of church websites
  3. Where many people begin their faith journey today
  4. How to repurpose content to be found online

We’d love to hear what about your current website situation and how you’re sharing the gospel online. Click the link below to schedule a call with us.