Today is Baked Cookies Day. My pop culture-trained mind automatically goes to the scene in Bruce Almighty where Bruce (aka Jim Carey) is wrapping up his interview with a local bakery and ends on the note,

“I think a great city is a lot like a great recipe really. Put in some hard working citizens, add some care givers, maybe a few nuts… All sprinkled with the strength and love of our good families, that ultimately creates a sweet place to live.”

While this is a very heart-warming sentiment, this metaphor can be used for so much more than cities. As a newcomer to the Faith Growth family, my mind automatically jumps to a few more examples. Can you guess what they are?

A great church is a lot like a great recipe. You start with the key ingredients: faith and followers. Next you add in the support of the Pastor and volunteers. Lastly, throw in a few trampoline park youth nights and holiday sock drives, and you have a warm and delicious community that everyone wants a piece of.

A great website is a lot like a great recipe. Start with the important details–the stuff people are searching for–add a dash of fresh content, maybe some fun images or media… Sprinkle in a couple keywords and social links, and that ultimately makes an engaging website!

Or lastly, how about a roadmap? Through step-by-step instructions, a couple pictures, and a few personalized suggestions in the margins, you’ll find yourself exactly where you’re meant to be.

I’m sure you can come up with a ton more examples; please share them on our Facebook post. (Or if this post makes you want to bake cookies and watch Bruce Almighty, be sure to tag @faithgrowth in your social posts!)

Happy Baked Cookies Day, y’all!