Standing in 2019, you knew that the world was changing and the church was not. Or, at least, the church was not changing fast enough.

Then came 2020. The pandemic forced a lot of change and adaptation by the church. And it was good! We learned that we CAN change, learn and grow if we have to.

We learned that we can reach people digitally, and it is not a substitute for what happens in church buildings – it IS church.

You created elements of digital ministry – online services, emails, social media, videos, group meetings, bibles studies, and on and on. These are valuable tools.

We know the demand for diverse ways of reaching people is not going away, even though the worst of the pandemic has gone away. We know that we can connect with people who are looking for what you offer in many ways.

You can take the tools that you created, and bring them to the next level with an organized, planned system for digital ministry. 

This intentional system will help you reach new people in new ways as well as reaching your current people in new ways. The church is about connections, we give you the roadmap to make more.

We’re so excited to share this new program with you. Stay tuned for more details – we are launching this program next week!