As we continue through Holy Week this year, I think of our past 40 days but also of the whole last year of pandemic living. During Lent, we follow how Jesus continually disrupted what was considered normal in the day. Our past year, too, has been continually disrupted. And, the disruptions have been so massive that we don’t even know what is normal anymore.

So, we as Christians know what the promise of the end of this week brings. As for our day-to-day modern lives, we don’t know what will come, but there’s been general consensus that in a lot of ways, “normal” wasn’t working. We need to create a new normal. 

This time can be an opportunity to examine what has and has not been working, and bring to light many different possibilities for what’s next.

I explore this topic in my short Facebook Live video here

Wishing you blessings as you journey through this Holy Week.

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