I am sure you have heard stories of individuals losing their jobs because of things they have posted on social media sites like Facebook.

This happened to one of my very good friends. Some people fear social networking sites because they have heard stories such as these.

I think this is misplaced fear by many. It is a fear of the unknown or the unexplored.

As a society we have long established communication norms. Norms for what is confidential, what is over sharing, and even norms for the small talk that leads to more substinative sharing.

Social network aided communication is no different than any other channel of communication. These norms still apply, and when they are violated there are consequences.

My friend would be the first to tell you that it is not because of Facebook that he lost his job, but because of what he shared. Had he shared the information in an offline context he still would have lost his job.

It is common to hear stories of people loosing their jobs because of Facebook, but how common is it that you hear stories of people finding jobs because of Facebook.

The infographic below, ‘Can Facebook Get You A Job?’ shows that 36.6 million American report using social media to land their current job. That’s far more than I have heard lost their jobs because of social media. In my own experience I can report that social media has been instrumental in landing new clients for web design at Beyond the Building.

Social Media is a reality in our society’s communication structures and ministry organizations would be wise to incorporate social media into their communication strategies.

Sites such as Facebook should not be feared, but we in the church need to master these new communication tools to more effectively communicate the message of incarnation this Advent season.
Social Job Search
Created by: MBA Online

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