Now that you’ve got your free profiles set up, let’s work on your social media game. Are you keeping in touch with your members (and their friends/family/followers) through social media? Below, we’ve listed the top four sites we recommend for your church.

  1. Facebook – I’m sure this one comes as a big surprise to you. (Man, I wish there was a font designated for sarcasm.) With Facebook’s 2.45 billion active monthly users, if you haven’t already, you need to jump on this bandwagon. If your church doesn’t have a Facebook page yet, stop reading this email and go make one! Not only does Facebook help you keep in touch with the community through posts, live videos and “likes”, but it also gives your members an easy way to share your content with their contacts.
  2. Twitter – Twitter was made for people with busy schedules, i.e. churches with limited staff and volunteers. Twitter is an easy way to quickly share an inspirational verse or important information. (You can even tweet via text message–how much easier can it get?)
  3. Instagram – If your congregation is more visually inclined, Instagram is the social site for you. Like Facebook and Twitter, your Instagram posts can be shared by your followers. Instagram is also easy to search for keywords or hashtags so as long as you set your account to Public, your reach knows no bounds.
  4. Pinterest – Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is visually stimulating social site and offers a sneak peek into your church (and congregation) before they step foot in the door. Unlike Instagram, links (to specific pages on your website–hint, hint) are easily shared/attached to your posts.

Once you’ve got your social pages set-up, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter; we’ll return the favor!

And when you’re ready to step up your digital ministry game, click the link below to schedule a discovery session with me this week.

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