The following is excerpted from the ELCA Youth Ministry Network’s Connect Journal.

Digital ministry has been a challenge churches have faced for two decades. And it’s been a challenge that, if we are honest, many of us have struggled with. Christianity is an incarnational religion, after all, and digital incarnation just doesn’t feel quite right. We want to be in the same space. Two or more gathered, you know. In Person. That’s part of what makes Christian communities feel like Christian communities. 

But then, things changed. A global pandemic arrived, and in-person church went from most people’s preference to actually dangerous. Now, for the most part, we’re online. Our lives, and our churches, have called for it. 

If you weren’t fluent in the digital technology of the age before COVID-19, you’ve had reason to learn in 2020. And, like any language, learning can be difficult.  But there are people who can help—people like Christopher Harris, and his organization, Faith Growth. Harris started Faith Growth about a decade ago to help “churches share the gospel online.” 

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