I had the wonderful opportunity to present at the Austin Seminary Recent Graduate Seminar yesterday. My topic was the Pastor’s Role as Social Media Guru.

The presentation flew by and the discussion was engaging. In this post I will share my rough speaking outline, power point slides and links to the resources I mentioned in my presentation. I hope you find this information helpful. Please feel free to post questions and comments below.

Rough Speaking Outline

  • Intro Me
    • Background
    • Your Expectations
    • My Biases
    • How we are going to do this
  • Socialnomics Video
    • Other Social Media Stats
  • Shifting trends in human communication
    • Comm Model
    • Oral, Written, & New Media
    • Parenthetical
    • Tele-Media Vs. Social Media
  • Need for the church to become digital natives
    • learning the digital language (learn a CMS like you know MS Word)
    • invest in your website like you do a copy machine for the church office
    • It is more about repurposing content and making digital the central communication method than one more thing
  • Examples of ministries doing social well
  • Best Practices
    • Consistency
    • Doesn’t have to be perfect
    • Not about doing something new, but strengthening current process and making digital primary
  • Final Thoughts

The Slides

Examples Of Ministry Uses of Social Media Mentioned