In the ninth episode of How We Do Digital Ministry, Pastor Richard Hong, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Englewood, outside NYC, covers many timely topics with Christopher Harris, including church attendance, mission work and data-based decision making.

One of the models that I like to think about is watching a baseball game, in the stadium or at home on TV. They’re two very different ways of experiencing the same event at the same time. One of the questions is, what is the optimal in-person experience, what is the optimal online experience?

Pastor Richard Hong

Listen to the full episode as Pastor Richard discusses these topics:

(2:26) What was learned from COVID times
(3:22) Two deficient areas
(5:56) Why church is like a baseball game
(9:31) Fluidity between online and in-person attendance
(11:57) Collaborative interests
(13:37) Driving mission work
(17:01) Churches as community hubs
(18:35) Boutique churches
(19:35) Church plants
(22:41) Data-based decisions

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