In the fourth episode of How We Do Digital Ministry, Dawn Trautman from Big Picture Big Purpose addresses a common misconception with online worship and provides actionable tips and strategies to optimize the viewer experience.

“The key with all digital ministry is not to have a lesser version of what’s happening live but to leverage what can only be done online.”

Listen to the full episode to hear as Dawn discusses the increased popularity of her VBS for Backyards curriculum, tips for designing programming with online audiences in mind, and a fascinating prediction that technology will cause people to join both local and virtual communities.

You can find Dawn at Big Picture Big Purpose.

(3:23) VBS for Backyards
(7:55) Creating Hybrid Worship For An Online Audience
(15:35) How To Connect Authentically Online
(21:40) Belonging To Multiple Church Communities
(24:13) The Opportunity For Churches To Collaborate

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You can find Dawn at Big Picture Big Purpose.