We’ve been taught that recycling helps save the planet, but did you know that you can recycle content to save you time? 

We know most churches are short-staffed and/or have a long enough to-do list without constantly writing new content for your website. So here are a couple ways to reuse content on your website and social pages.

  1. You’ve probably been recording your Sunday sermons into some kind of digital format. Once you upload that video or audio clip, share that link everywhere. Post it on your church’s blog (link that blog URL into your Instagram bio). Share it as your Facebook status, or add the link to your weekly newsletter. 
  2. Reach out on Facebook and ask your members to share their pictures of recent church events (or a favorite past in-person encounter). Not only are your members giving you content to use, you can share those pictures and testimonials on your blog and other social sites.
  3. Are you following your members on social sites? If so, that’s great! The whole purpose of social media is to connect and share with your community. If someone from your church makes a post about a service or shares an inspiring message, be social and retweet or repost their content. Done and done!

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