In the seventh episode of How We Do Digital Ministry, the Rev. Dr. Erin Cox-Holmes, Executive Presbyter of the Donegal Presbytery in Pennsylvania, talks with Christopher Harris about her specialty, film and art in preaching, and about experiences faced in the past year and a half of pandemic times.

“That incredible resilience in the middle of exhaustion and having to suddenly acquire a mass of skills that (pastors) had never had to have before is a real sign of the Holy Spirit, just moving and nudging and keeping the Word going forward.”

Listen to the full episode as Rev. Dr. Erin discusses current issues facing preachers in these transitional times, options for worship, some considerations for the future and one great piece of advice for pastors to take today!

(1:54) Inserting Film Clips into Sermons
(12:35) Seeing God Online
(15:29) How Churches are Proceeding Now
(17:25) Copyright Considerations
(21:50) What Pastors Need Right Now
(26:45) Best Advice to Pastors

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