To be honest, I always get nervous to go somewhere new. I stress about how early I need to leave my house to make it on time; I worry about the parking situation when I get there. Even after I arrive unscathed, when I see people who obviously know each other, I feel a bit like an outsider looking in.

This may not be a feeling you understand, but please know that I’m not the only one. To help ease visitors’ [potential] anxiety, have you considered hosting a virtual open house? This could easily be accomplished through a Facebook live video, or recording a tour on your phone and uploading to YouTube or Vimeo to share on your website.

Take your audience for a full tour of your property. You can start in the parking lot, walk into the worship space(s), and even include brief introductions to some of the people they may see upon arrival–maybe a friendly greeter and/or the pastor. 

Not only would this sneak peek give people a good idea of what to expect when they visit your church, but this also offers them the opportunity to ask questions in the comments or submit their questions via a contact us form. If you go the Facebook live route, we recommend that one person records the tour, and that someone else be available to monitor and answer the comments section.

Facebook live and videos are a great way to share insights into your church and your church staff. It helps members and non-members see your church as a personable, inviting community. 

Happy touring!

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