Welcome To The Digital World

People are spending an outstanding amount of time online. According to the Global Digital 2019 report, internet users are spending over six hours online every day. That’s more time in one day than most people spend at church in a month! If your church isn’t using the internet for outreach, you’re missing out BIG. (We Are Social)

While online content choices are vast, you need a website to stand a chance. Below is a list of ten reasons why your church needs a website and how your website can improve your engagement with the community.

Reason #10 – Your website answers questions about your church

  • “Just Google it” has become a common phrase. Online search engines have become the first stop for answers. Be sure to include the answers to commonly asked questions on your website and Google will help steer people in your direction. Commonly searched for questions include: 
    • Churches near me
    • Sunday church services
    • Churches with a nursery

Reason #9 – Your website broadcasts your message [globally]

  • The internet knows no bounds. Therefore, neither does the gospel. Without a passport or airline ticket, your sermons can travel across counties, states and even countries.

Reason #8 – A website (along with your social sites) acts as your testimony

  • Pictures speak a thousand words, right? Therefore, sharing pictures of your church and congregation online is a great way to introduce outsiders to your church. Friendship and fellowship are encouraging incentives for people to join your church. 

Reason #7 – Stores your media

  • Pictures are meant to be shared, as are videos and audio recordings. A website is the perfect place to share pictures of your beautiful church, videos of a laughter from your community potluck, or audio recordings of special services with the world. Media files are another wonderful opportunity to bridge gaps between generations, sexes and cultures. 
    • Podcasts have become a popular digital medium. More and more churches are jumping on the bandwagon to share their sermons via podcast. A website is a great place to share your podcast. 

Reason #6 – Offers a secure way to receive donations

  • Nowadays people use the internet to pay bills, make investments, check bank statements… In fact, in 2018, 49% of all church donations received was via a debit or credit card. (Reach Right)
  • Accepting online donations also enables your supporters to opt in for automatic weekly, monthly or annual donations. Not only does this save them time (and trips to the ATM), but it also offers a new stream of income to use for church restoration or events.

Reason #5 – Use your website to organize church events

  • Your website is meant to engage–so engage! Welcome your community to join your congregation for Bible study, family picnics, youth nights or volunteer opportunities. Be the online go-to for religious studies, networking and community involvement. 

Reason #4 – Your website is always available

  • …even when you’re indisposed. As much as you’d like to be, life happens and you cannot be available for everyone all the time. This is why you need to set-up your website as another form of contact with your congregation and community. Be sure you have an up-to-date Contact Us page with phone numbers and/or emails. Have you considered a prayer request inbox or newsletter registration? These are additional powerful ways to let your church stay in touch. 

Reason #3 – Easily promotes your church through location-based SEO

  • Let’s start at the base. What is the main point of your sermon and what questions might people be searching for that your sermon could answer? The main reason to share your sermon online is to spread. Help people find your sermon and the answers they’re seeking by using commonly searched topics and keywords. (And don’t forget to confirm your existence with Google!) 

Reason #2 – Keeps your congregation engaged and active

  • Make sure your website offers a handful of calls-to-action (CTA). Whether that’s through a newsletter registration form, message forum, link to your podcast, etc. You can make your website as welcoming as possible, but after that, the ball is in the visitor’s court. It’s up to them if they want to engage and join in your community. Your job is to give them all the tools necessary to start their journey to you, your church, and the Word of God. 

Reason #1 – Welcome outsiders to your community and church

  • Many first impressions of businesses, churches, and even people are made online (before anyone steps in the front door or meets face-to-face). Make sure your website represents your messaging and welcomes visitors to take the next step–literally. 

Interested in learning more or do you need help boosting your website’s engagement? 
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