This week on Twitter, Nadia Bolz-Weber (@sarcasticluther) said, “Maybe asking pastors and church staff who paddled like hell to keep churches afloat during a pandemic to now do BOTH in-person and on-line is a bit too much”

And that struck a chord – with me, and with many people. 

I think the point of what she is saying is that something’s got to give. We can’t keep doing things the way we were doing them during the pandemic, and we can’t go back to the way things were before the pandemic, because the church has changed. The world has changed. WE’VE changed.

So maybe instead of adding back everything that existed in church life, AND continue to reach many people in an online way, we need to give something up. 

Watch my Facebook live video for my thoughts on this. And I’d love to hear yours in the comments.

What do we need to give up?