Beyond the BuildingOur main goal at Faith Growth is to assist faith communities in developing the required digital media foundation to support their ministry. Social media is a key component of this foundation. We refer to using social media tools as doing ministry “Beyond the Building.” I have come across some information this week that is of interest, and I want to pass it along to you. These resources provide helpful suggestions for organizations regarding social media.  They are targeted to the business community, however, I feel there is a great deal that ministry organizations can glean from them as well.

  1. Brian Solis has a great interview with Charlene Li author of Open Leadership.  The video is about 15 minutes and offers great insight into leadership in our current times.
  2. CIK Marketing has a good piece titled, “Link Bait.” Churches produce a great deal of content.  I do not believe that the church needs to produce new content for digital media, but repackage what is already being produced for digital consumption.  This article gives 5 suggestions for types of content that is attractive to readers.
  3. Amber Naslund shares, “4 Ways To Give Your Presentations Legs.”  Her article offers good tips for giving your offline presentations a life of their own in the online world.  Once again I reiterate that participating in the digital world is not about necessarily creating new content, but making it available in new ways.

I hope you find the resources helpful for your ministry.

Let me know what’s working for you as you engage ministry in a digital context in the comments below.

Disclosure: If you choose to purchase Charlene’s book from the link above Faith Growth receives a commission form