Some churches are experiencing financial difficulties, whether they are related to the pandemic or a continuation of struggles that were taking place prior to 2020. As the end of the pandemic (or at least, what we hope will be the end) approaches, it’s hard to know where to start with “getting back to normal.” What IS normal anymore, anyway?

I think there are three priorities for churches to keep in mind at this time of safety precautions and financial insecurity. Churches should focus on

  1. The worship experience (online/in-person or both)
  2. One next step in terms of programming, and
  3. One mission or way the congregation is serving the community/world.

The church is not the building, and it’s not the programs. The church’s story is the same as it ever was. Start simple and grow from there. You can hear more about this topic in my latest Facebook Live video, and I would love to hear from you – are these priorities are the same at your church?

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