Did you know the question, “how to pray” is searched on Google on average 18.1k a month?

One of the top 5 searches on Sunday morning is, “churches near me.”

Today a large number of people’s faith journeys will include an online component.

In this video, shot on Good Friday 2017, I explore the why of digital ministry and specifically my why for this ministry.

In this video you will learn:

  1. Why I do What I do
  2. The Stages of Church Websites
  3. Where many people will begin their faith journey today
  4. How to repurpose content to be found online

Watch the video to learn the why of digital ministry and a few strategies for implementing digital ministries in your context.

Are you repackaging your content for digital distribution so that searchers can find it online?

Leave a message and share your #1 tip with the community.

If you do it right, searchers will find you on Google, and you will have the opportunity to begin a relationship with them.

Can’t wait to read your responses

Have a great day!