WordPress Security Talk at the Ft. Worth WordPress Users Group

WordPress Security Talk at the Ft. Worth WordPress Users Group

March 18, 2016 By: In: Speaking

Photo by Carrie Dils
Photo by Carrie Dils

I spent St. Patrick’s Day in Ft. Worth with the Ft. Worth WordPress Users Group. We had a great time discussing securing WordPress websites.

I have uploaded an audio recording of my talk and embedded my slides. The recording was made with my iPhone. So bear that in mind if the quality is lacking. 🙂

Overview of the Workshop

This workshop focuses on a few important things to shore up on your site to strengthen it the most.

  1. Using strong passwords
  2. Updating WordPress, plugins, and themes
  3. Using a quality host

Plugins recommendations are made to help with each of these three and what to do it you are hacked is covered as well.

Workshop Slides

Listen to the Workshop


  1. Password Managers
    1. LastPass
    2. 1Password
  2. Managed Hosts
    1. WP Engine
    2. Site Ground
    3. Pagely
    4. FlyWheel
    5. Pressable
  3. Force Strong Passwords Plugin
  4. Limit Login Attempts Plugin
  5. JetPack
  6. Wordfense Plugin
  7. iThemes Security Plugin
  8. WP Update Notifier Plugin
  9. Security Firms
    1. Sucuri
    2. Site Lock

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