Be the Change

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Obviously, this is not a Bible quote, but it’s still a powerful one. (Fun fact: it's attributed to Gandhi, although he didn't say it either.) It inspires us to make small improvements to our lives and our communities, which can accumulate into bigger … Read more about Be the Change

Potluck, Smotluck

I hate to break it to you, but potlucks won’t be the same for a very long time. Lots of people sharing food, drinks and utensils… This is the CDC’s nightmare. But don’t lose faith! We’re here to offer solutions to this lack-of-Jello-salad problem. (Maybe not the worse “problem” to have, but just go … Read more about Potluck, Smotluck

Level Up

You’ve probably been practicing some kind of digital ministry for a while now. (Thanks for the kick in the rear, Covid.) And we are so proud of you for this, but today, we’re challenging you to kick it up another notch. This week, we want to encourage you to find creative ways to connect with … Read more about Level Up